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Aro Fresh Illustration Pack

Another dope illustrator from Germany, I must say that he got great sense for illustration – great colors and shapes. You can find him on

November 30, 2008 the soup

love letters video pack vol.1

For more graffart posts with love letters click here

November 29, 2008 video archive

Guy McKinley art pack

We are proud to present you the next exceptional artist. He has developed a unique style and thats why you’ve probably seen some of his

November 29, 2008 the soup

Video Pack vol.4

We can`t imagine creating and doing our stuff without music. So we present you a small collection of videos, where graffiti art is somehow involved.

November 29, 2008 video archive

Aryz – art pack

November 27, 2008 the soup

Letman art pack

He is cuckoo about letters, he loves them, so far is certain. He is also one of those fellows who can read a chunky novel

November 27, 2008 the soup

Rate / NLS Art Pack

Some wild (I mean really wild:) styles by our man, Rate/NLS. We are waiting for the NLS site for some time, let`s hope they put

November 25, 2008 the soup

erosie art pack

Source – and

November 24, 2008 the soup

Pal art pack

source –

November 23, 2008 the soup

Fore art pack

November 22, 2008 the soup

123 Klan interview

Probably all of you know 123klan and their work. With their significant letter and character style it`s easy to identify their pieces on the sites

November 21, 2008 interviews


Photography by

November 21, 2008 events

Light Graffiti Video Pack

Light graffiti is a relatively new technique of creating light forms. All you need is a good photo camera and a tripod. Watch the first

November 21, 2008 video archive

Heimat instalations – art pack

Source –

November 20, 2008 the soup

HelloFreaks Illustrations Pack

Some dope illustrations from

November 20, 2008 the soup

Sickboy Announces Major London Solo Show

He has been tipped by the leading financial press as one of the street art movement’s most investable artists, but Sickboy refuses to play by

November 19, 2008 events

Dater (love letters) art pack


November 18, 2008 the soup

The Mac in progres

The Mac amazes as usual with another his perfect technique…. Source more graffart posts with this artist click here

November 17, 2008 the soup

Maclaim in Mexico city

November 16, 2008 the soup

Sean two (love letters) art pack

Source –

November 16, 2008 the soup

Smash 137 – art pack


November 13, 2008 the soup

MSK/AWR/The Seventh Letter – art pack

If you have seen the pieces of Retna, Ewok, Saber, Rime, Revok, Dame and the other crew members, you will know why people call their

November 11, 2008 the soup

Home (ink crew – Spain) – art pack

For more artworks from Home visit and

November 09, 2008 the soup

video pack vol.3

November 09, 2008 video archive

Flying Förtress Book OUT NOW!

More information about this book and For more graffart posts with this artist click here

November 06, 2008 the soup

Tasso in action

For more photos from Tasso and Maclaim click here

November 06, 2008 the soup

Belin – art pack

For more photos visit Belin’s website also you can add him as friend in myspace

November 06, 2008 the soup

Quatro – art pack

Quatro is german graffiti artist pursuing his own style and vision. Some good charakters and paintings too, check out his flickr profile – flickr

November 03, 2008 the soup

Daim – Reinking Collection

A lot of us are wondering how DAIM achieves the perfect execution of his pieces. We hope to cast light on that topic with those

November 03, 2008 the soup

Bobs made art pack

Graffart presents to you the next extremely fresh artist BobsMade. If you want to buy some of his custom made shoes or clothes visit

November 03, 2008 the soup