Welcome to Balcans urban art and culture magazine, Issue 2! Day by day we are reaching out to more artists, more people who show a keen interest in graffiti and street art.

The new pages feature guest artist Lunar from Zagreb, Croatia. He has been painting for a number of years and has gradually developed his own distinctive style. We hope to be seeing some walls of his live soon. Until then, here are some flics.

Our other guests are the boys in the crew Four Plus from Bulgaria. Everyday their work gets to a higher level in style and ideas. More and more people follow their achievements – not only in graffiti but also in illustration and graphic design.

We are also bringing to you some visuals from cool events in the last summer. Balcans Graffiti Jam was the magazine promo which we organised after publishing the first issue of Balcans. It was a true graffiti get-together by the coast of Varna, Bulgaria. Many guests and local artists joined forces in what turned out to be a good wall done in a great atmosphere, with some extra swimming in the ferocious heat. The second event took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, and has already established its name over the years. This is the national graffiti contest known as Sprite Graffiti Fest 2012. Enjoy the pictures if you’ve missed the action!

Peace, respect and love to you all!