HOSIER INC, Paint Up! round 1 : ADNATE from Michael Danischewski on Vimeo.

Melbourne-based artist ‘Adnate’ floated high over Australia’s most iconic lane way to paint a significant wall that has never before been available to any artist. This forms part of a project entitled ‘Paint Up!’ by Hosier Inc, a not-for-profit association. The association formed in 2013 from a community-driven passion to address amenity issues in the lane way. It aims to nurture the space with the help of all who have an interest in the area and want to take part. Members include residents and businesses, restaurants, artists, tourists, photographers and regular visitors.
Round one of Paint Up! has been delivered by well-known street artist ‘Adnate’ on the rear wall of McDonald House. His proposal is a powerful representation of the beauty and strength of the Australian Indigenous culture, in the form of a portrait rendered with evocative strokes of vibrant earthly colour. The subject of the piece is a local Wurundjeri, giving them the gift of stronger presence within Melbourne’s CBD, ever so close to significant sites such as Birrarung Marr. By choosing an indigenous child as his subject, Adnate hopes to embody the future – in his youth, the present – in his dramatic realistic presence and the past of the ancestors – in his eyes. The project is supported by a City of Melbourne Arts Grant. Go to Hosier Inc: hosierrutledge.wordpress.com/