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Mr Penfold – vol. 2 + Bonus – Unit 44 mural (graffiti & mural)

White Walls: Mr Penfold from Unit44 on Vimeo. Mr.Penfold vol. 1 BLOG

July 16, 2011 the soup

C215 and AliCè – in London (graffiti & stencil)

Recently C215 and AliCè hit London together with some really nice walls. Check them after the break. C215 vol. 1 vol. 2 vol. 3 vol.

July 16, 2011 the soup

Os Gêmeos – vol. 9 (graffiti & mural)

Os Gêmeos vol. 1 vol. 2 vol. 3 vol. 4 vol. 5 vol. 6 vol. 7 vol. 8

July 15, 2011 the soup

TEDxBloomington – Marc and Sara Schiller – “Gaming The Streets: Uncommissioned Art”

Together, Marc and Sara Schiller are Wooster Collective: a contemporary art and street art collective. Their mission is to discover and document authentic art experiences

July 14, 2011 the soup

The Graff Mobile by EverFresh Studio (graffiti & car)

EverFresh Studio recently installed a Graff Mobile for their residency at the NGV Studio. The van includes a boombox, ski mask, bolt cutters, Montana spray

July 13, 2011 the soup

Blu & Ericailcane – New mural in Italy (mural & graffiti)

Blu vol. 1 vol. 2 vol. 3 vol. 4 vol. 5 vol. 6 vol. 7 vol. 8 vol. 9 vol. 10 vol. 11 vol. 12

July 13, 2011 the soup

Hand-Picked Awesome vol. 16

DOUGH’NUT x NALDEN | VISITING: KOENIGSEGG from DOUGH'NUT on Vimeo. Leica Lenses (English) from leica camera on Vimeo. A Blast From The Past: Shuttle Through

July 13, 2011 the soup

JR – Mural on Bowery & Houston (New York) + more (stencil & street art)

Recently TED prize winning photographer JR stopped at the legendary wall located on the corner of Houston & Bowery in New York. The mural is

July 13, 2011 the soup

Blu – “Megunica” Documentary (street art & documentary)

AM QUOTE Wow. We sat down to scan through the Megunica documentary real quick but ended up watching the whole thing. The film first made

July 12, 2011 the soup

Alex One – performance at Yverdon (street art & graffiti)

Alëxone | Hip-Hop Corner, Yverdon from PipeDream on Vimeo. vol.1 vol.2 vol.3 vol. 4 vol. 5 ALEX

July 12, 2011 the soup

Liqen – vol. 2 (mural & street art)

LIQEN blog vol.

July 12, 2011 the soup

INSA – vol.6 (graffiti & street art)


July 12, 2011 the soup

Flying Förtress – vol.12 (graffiti & street art)

FLYING FORTRESS vol.1 vol.2 vol.3 vol.4 vol.5 vol.6 vol.7 vol.8 vol.9 vol.10 vol.11 FLYING FORTRESS BOOK TEDDY TROOPS FF SITE

July 11, 2011 the soup

D*Face – Pool Paint Attack (graffiti & pool & skateborading)

Although attaching spray paint cans to skateboards and using them to decorate a pool may seem like a silly act of vandalism or a rogue

July 11, 2011 the soup

Blu in Germany – BP mural (graffiti & mural)

Blu just finished that new mural in Germany at the Cityleaks Urban Art Festival. Blu vol. 1 vol. 2 vol. 3 vol. 4 vol. 5

June 17, 2011 the soup

Hand-Picked Awesome vol. 15 BONUS pack

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo. We bought EVERYTHING in a store. from Store Buyout on Vimeo. Nightsurf from Iker

June 16, 2011 the soup

Aske – art pack vol. 2 (Faces and Laces Street Culture Show, Moscow) (graffiti & street art)

Recently the well-known Russian artist made a series of plywood collages for the Faces and Laces Street Culture Show in Moscow. It took some hard

June 14, 2011 the soup

Hand-Picked Awesome vol. 14

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Will Ferrell from Will Ferrell The Pool – The Full Story from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo

June 02, 2011 the soup

Carhartt Gallery – Public Provocations III – June 11TH 2011

Weil am Rhein – «Public Provocations» opens on June 11th 2011 at Carhartt Gallery. Already in its third iteration, this year’s exhibition presents a unique

May 31, 2011 the soup

MOCA x Levi’s – Trucker Jacket Collaborations (graffiti & clothing)

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) and denim giant Levi’s created a limited apparel collection. With help from 10 renowned artists and subjects

May 30, 2011 the soup

Hand-Picked Awesome – vol. 13

smart fortwo “A big idea” campaign from Shilo on Vimeo. Goldfish – We Come Together (OFFICIAL) from Goldfish live on Vimeo. BACK N’ BLACK from

May 30, 2011 the soup

Sam3 – POWER TO THE PEOPLE (mural & graffiti)

Brand new mural from Sam3 dedicated to the M15 movement in Spain. SAM3

May 28, 2011 the soup

Flying Förtress – in Greece 2 + vol.11 (graffiti & street art)

FF exhibit in Box Gallery – Greece Vol. 11 BONUS FF in Warsaw – MURAL (video) FLYING FORTRESS ART PACK 1 ART PACK 2 ART

May 28, 2011 the soup

Alex One – Le Frënch Lowrider (vinyl & toy)

Alex art pack vol.1 Alex art pack vol.2 Alex art pack vol.3 vol. 4 ALEX

May 27, 2011 the soup

KIDULT Illegalize Graffiti – video interview (graffiti & tagging)

KIDULT ITW (uncensored) “ILLEGALIZE GRAFFITI” from eric on Vimeo. VIA HB Angered and frustrated by the sudden infatuation and commercialization of the graffiti movement, French

May 27, 2011 the soup

Hush – Twin @ New Image Art (graffiti & exhibition)

Here we have a small photo recap of Hush’s new exhibit at New Image. Via Brandon Shigeta photography HUSH vol. 1 vol. 2 site

May 27, 2011 the soup

OUTSIDE IN: The Story of Art in the Streets Premiere – Recap (graffiti & movie)

OUTSIDE IN movie trailer from Levi's Film Workshop on Vimeo. OUTSIDE IN is a celebratory and historical look at street art through the lens of

May 27, 2011 the soup

Kidult smashing SUPREME NYC shop (tagging & graffiti)

Last night The Kidult smashed properly the Supreme’s storefront in NYC with his fire paint extinguisher. Just a couple of months after vandalizing Agnes B

May 26, 2011 the soup

Blu in Poland vol.2 – Outer Space Festival (graffiti & mural)

Following the recent mural in Poland Blu just finished this huge piece while participating in the Outer Space Festival. The theme is the same as

May 25, 2011 the soup