Horfe F1 GAP – art pack

Horfe from f1and also gap crew is from france, paris. Here are some of his works. Mostly street – trucks and walls. The flix are

December 10, 2008 the soup

Richt – art pack

We present to you another amazing artist coming straight from Bristol’s scene. And dont forget to visit Richt’s flickr

December 07, 2008 the soup


Parra is playing host to his second solo exhibition today in Paris. The exhibition entitled “Boo to the Hoo” will unveil new paintings and works

December 06, 2008 the soup

SLINKACHU – art pack

Slinkachu, a London-based artist who for several years has been placing tiny hand painted people on street corners, park benches, and the Underground, and leaving

December 05, 2008 the soup

Miss Van – art pack

Miss Van, b. 1973. Vanessa Alice Bensimon, from Toulouse, France, started wall painting in the streets of Toulouse at the age of 18. She is

December 04, 2008 the soup

NDEUR art pack

And don’t forget to add him as friend in myspace

December 04, 2008 the soup

Filippo Minelli Art Pack

I wish I came up with some of his ideas… See more of his work at www.filippominelli.com

December 04, 2008 the soup

Mercurocrom Collectif

Collectif of graphistes/painters/photographers from Lille : Eroné, Amose, Spear, Spher, Mo. Mercurocrom Collectif

December 04, 2008 the soup

AMOSE – pack

Lille based french artist – Amose

December 04, 2008 the soup

60 Cool Custom Designer Toys

Designer toys are a common love between many graphic designer and illustrators, as well as the collectable limited edition runs from producers such as Qee

December 04, 2008 the soup

Trucks pack vol.1

Here we got a really nice pack of photos of Trucks shot all over the streets of Copenhagen. You can definitly spot them on every

December 04, 2008 the soup

Zetka art pack

Outlines Sticks Inside Outside Miscellaneous Don’t forget to visit Zetka’s myspace profile

December 02, 2008 the soup

Refillseven artpack

Here are some realy dope laser cut skate decks from refillseven.Lot`s of interesting names are involved, so njoy:) for more info and flix chek http://www.refillseven.com/

December 02, 2008 the soup

ABOVE – video pack

SouthCentral Tour (PART 1 OF 4) from ABOVE on Vimeo. SouthCentral Tour (Part 2 of 4) from ABOVE on Vimeo. SouthCentral Tour (Part 3 of

December 02, 2008 video archive

Parra – art pack

Parra is a Dutch graphic designer, illustrator, artist, art director, clothing company owner Parra. For a guy as mellow as he is, he definitely gets

December 02, 2008 the soup

Parra x The Perfect Unison Headphones

Dutch artist Parra has produced a set pf headphones with label The Perfect Unison. The headset takes the form of skate decks made of Finnish

December 02, 2008 the soup


Coarse Vinyl Check the official site and store at www.coarsetoys.com

December 02, 2008 the soup


Bearbricks Medicom Toy Bearbrick 2008 November Announcements Medicom Toy Bearbrick 2008 September Announcements Medicom Toy x Daft Punk 400% Bearbricks Medicom Toy x The Beatles

December 02, 2008 the soup

Mr.Kern – art pack

We present to you another amazing artist comming from France. also check his website and one last thing to say – be careful when going

December 01, 2008 the soup

Aro Fresh Illustration Pack

Another dope illustrator from Germany, I must say that he got great sense for illustration – great colors and shapes. You can find him on

November 30, 2008 the soup

love letters video pack vol.1

For more graffart posts with love letters click here

November 29, 2008 video archive

Guy McKinley art pack

We are proud to present you the next exceptional artist. He has developed a unique style and thats why you’ve probably seen some of his

November 29, 2008 the soup

Video Pack vol.4

We can`t imagine creating and doing our stuff without music. So we present you a small collection of videos, where graffiti art is somehow involved.

November 29, 2008 video archive

Aryz – art pack

November 27, 2008 the soup

Letman art pack

He is cuckoo about letters, he loves them, so far is certain. He is also one of those fellows who can read a chunky novel

November 27, 2008 the soup

Rate / NLS Art Pack

Some wild (I mean really wild:) styles by our man, Rate/NLS. We are waiting for the NLS site for some time, let`s hope they put

November 25, 2008 the soup

erosie art pack

Source – www.myspace.com/erosie and www.erosie.blogspot.com

November 24, 2008 the soup

Pal art pack

source – http://pal.deviantart.com

November 23, 2008 the soup

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