Mr.Wany – art pack

Source check also and his myspace page

October 22, 2008 the soup

Graffiti artists – video pack 2

This pack is dedicated to stencil artists, not as widely known as banksy, but still doing some amazing pieces – Logan Hicks, M-City, Nick Walker,

October 21, 2008 video archive

Does – art pack 1

For more photos visit and

October 21, 2008 the soup

Dare – art pack 1

Source – The interview is coming up Dare art pack 2 – LINK Dare art pack 1 – LINK Dare official SITE Dare myspace

October 20, 2008 the soup

Flying Fortress – art pack 1

source –

October 18, 2008 the soup

Scel Interview

Introduce yourself, tag, crew, and where are you from? My name is scel , i’m from vienna, austria. For how long have you been doing

October 18, 2008 interviews

Urban Photography Pt.1

A small selection of graffiti flix. Detail24 Dimo Trifonov Anthony Kurtz Kim Høltermand

October 17, 2008 the soup

Dibone – art pack

Source –

October 17, 2008 the soup

Blu – art pack

October 17, 2008 the soup

Alexandros Vasmoulakis – art pack

Alexandros Vasmoulakis is greek artist with some really intresting paintings. His mixture of styles looks dope on wall, that`s for sure. Go and check more

October 16, 2008 the soup


HOTEL FOX: The world’s most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel – pure inspiration for more information visit the official website

October 16, 2008 the soup

The Mac – art pack

October 15, 2008 the soup

Urbanize – Street Art Festival

Place: Sofia, Bulgaria Date: 10-11-12 October 2008 Writers: SatOne, Nychos, Das, Koes, Aryz, Shione, Zmogk, Ozone, Tone 2002, Nasimo, Bozko, Esteo, Szc, Porn, and Funne.

October 14, 2008 events

Shepard Fairey – art pack

For more information and photos visit also check and here

October 13, 2008 the soup

Shepard Fairey videos

We put together a some of the videos on the internet, concerning Shepard Fairey and his art. Although nowadays he is commercial artist, that doesn`t

October 12, 2008 video archive

Interview with Tasso

Photo by Piersmason Let us begin аs usual-introduce yourself- tag, crew, where do you come from? I’m TASSO, born 1966, living in Meerane (former German

October 10, 2008 interviews

theWalters & EnjoyTheStreets – art pack

The interview with the walters is coming up… For more photos visit – and

October 10, 2008 the soup

Orticanoodles – art pack

For more artworks

October 10, 2008 the soup

Beautiful Typography Pt. I

Typography is a huge part of the graff and street art game, it says a lot about the artist and his skills. Beautiful, strange, ugly

October 09, 2008 the soup

Teddytroops collection

For more cool teddy troops click here

October 09, 2008 the soup

video pack vol.1

The making of “nextwall” The Tube – Tox Graffiti Special Graffiti Instincts – Los Extralargos Montana Squad

October 09, 2008 video archive


BedBug (check their site and dailymotion profile) is a label, based in Bulgaria and dedicated to indipendent films and videos. We want to present you

October 09, 2008 video archive

MACLAIM Crew in Vlissingen, Netherlands

Here we present you the latest production of the MACLAIM crew in Vlissingen, Netherlands. The video features a nice wall production by Case, Tasso, Akut

October 09, 2008 video archive

Carhartt – Urbanize

It’s going to be huge, it’s going to be special, it’s going to be unique—Bulgaria is preparing for the Dynamix Urbanize Street Art Festival in

October 09, 2008 events

interview with Desur

Introduce yourself; tag, crew and where are you from? Always the first quesion, ey ? I?m a middleclass white scum, hardcore listening, shape and shade

October 09, 2008 interviews

kiam77 and 2pac interview

Introduce yourself – tag, crew? We just have to start with that question:) KIAM77: I’m writing KIAM77. My crews are: CG (Chilla Guerilla), NEM (Nothing

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