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GOAT Art Pack

An all-around graffiti activist, part of the infamous RockNRollers gang, check out GOAT`s work. Also to be found here and here

May 29, 2009 the soup

Luca “BeanOne” Art Pack

BeanOne is a graffiti and calligraphy artist form Milan, Italy. Combining his skills in both of those disciplines leads to and stylish and modern results.

April 17, 2009 the soup

Nasimo Art Pack vol.I

his myspace his deviantart page

April 12, 2009 the soup

Dibone – art pack vol.2

Dibone art pack vol.1 Source –

March 14, 2009 the soup

Os gemeos – art pack

Os Gemeos official

February 25, 2009 the soup

Spit Art Pack

Check out those dope throw-ups and rough styles! His deviant art page – here

February 07, 2009 the soup

Jeremy Fish Art Pack

The guys from FecalFace have a wonderful part of their site, dedicated to visiting artists in their studios. Here are some flix from the one

December 22, 2008 the soup

Dό Plu Dό Collective Art Pack

Two words – DOPE WORK. Dό Plu Dό is a multidisciplinary team, wich was created by two team in one. Dό Plu Dό are Elay,

December 12, 2008 the soup

Richt – art pack

We present to you another amazing artist coming straight from Bristol’s scene. And dont forget to visit Richt’s flickr

December 07, 2008 the soup

Filippo Minelli Art Pack

I wish I came up with some of his ideas… See more of his work at

December 04, 2008 the soup

Aro Fresh Illustration Pack

Another dope illustrator from Germany, I must say that he got great sense for illustration – great colors and shapes. You can find him on

November 30, 2008 the soup

Rate / NLS Art Pack

Some wild (I mean really wild:) styles by our man, Rate/NLS. We are waiting for the NLS site for some time, let`s hope they put

November 25, 2008 the soup

Fore art pack

November 22, 2008 the soup

HelloFreaks Illustrations Pack

Some dope illustrations from

November 20, 2008 the soup

MSK/AWR/The Seventh Letter – art pack

If you have seen the pieces of Retna, Ewok, Saber, Rime, Revok, Dame and the other crew members, you will know why people call their

November 11, 2008 the soup

Quatro – art pack

Quatro is german graffiti artist pursuing his own style and vision. Some good charakters and paintings too, check out his flickr profile – flickr

November 03, 2008 the soup

Typoets – art pack

Typoets is an international crew, featuring paism, xrome, serial, osziks, panic, sith. Keep an eye on their deviant art page – . They are

October 29, 2008 the soup

Maclaim – art pack

October 24, 2008 the soup

Tika – art pack

Source –

October 23, 2008 the soup

KofieOne art pack

Altough Augustine Kofie`s work nowadays is more gallery art then graffiti or street art, it`s obvious that he drains his inspiration and style from the

October 22, 2008 the soup

Mr.Wany – art pack

Source check also and his myspace page

October 22, 2008 the soup

Does – art pack 1

For more photos visit and

October 21, 2008 the soup

Dare – art pack 1

Source – The interview is coming up Dare art pack 2 – LINK Dare art pack 1 – LINK Dare official SITE Dare myspace

October 20, 2008 the soup

Flying Fortress – art pack 1

source –

October 18, 2008 the soup

Dibone – art pack

Source –

October 17, 2008 the soup

Blu – art pack

October 17, 2008 the soup

Alexandros Vasmoulakis – art pack

Alexandros Vasmoulakis is greek artist with some really intresting paintings. His mixture of styles looks dope on wall, that`s for sure. Go and check more

October 16, 2008 the soup

The Mac – art pack

October 15, 2008 the soup

Shepard Fairey – art pack

For more information and photos visit also check and here

October 13, 2008 the soup

theWalters & EnjoyTheStreets – art pack

The interview with the walters is coming up… For more photos visit – and

October 10, 2008 the soup